Work and Play

Having had work, not had work and then had work this week, I was reminded of the fragile life as a freelancer. Having just read Echoes, I have to say that it started to remind me why I live this life, and whilst for the last few months I have been battling tendonitus in my elbow, it is the mountains that I am here for.

Having guided Dream of White Horses a few weeks back, a bunch of Gogarth VS/HVS’s a spattering of Tremadog classics, all in the line of work. That injury whilst stopping me pursue harder routes, I can still climb, something that I been working on slowly in the beacon by getting pumped on huge holds on the steep main wall.

Yesterday, I was stood in the rain at an abseil not the most enjoyable of jobs, ┬ábut with weather like we have had this ‘summer’ I think I picked a great time to be injured. Then today we headed up Snowdon in far from pleasant weather by mid-morning and the group did amazingly well all things considered.

Back at the centre I had to shoot off pretty quickly as I had a coaching session at the beacon that evening. Where I did the first of 7 sessions for a couple of ladies who want to improve there climbing. Today as with nearly all my courses we started with thebasic of improving technique and we look at body position and foot work before moving onto bridging.

Tomorrow I have to do some prep for another beacon coaching session tomorrow evening.

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