Caff succeeds on the Meltdown

Caff on the meltdown
Caff working the Meltdown, two weeks prior to the ascent

I got a call last night from Caff who had succeeded on the long standing Meltdown project. He was celebrating in the pub, and invited me along for a beer. A good night with too many sound bites to rememebr or mention. That aside the route sounds as hard and awesome as history has told.

Originally a Johnny Dawes project, the line is a staggering F9a. I was glad to pay my park in it by belaying him on one of his more recent sessions working the route. In fact the weather has been so bad I haven’t really been out since then. Although it is part due to the tendonitus I have been battling with for the last few months.

Anyway, Bon effort caff.

Caff on teh Meltdown F9a
Caff on the Meltdown two weeks prior to the first ascent

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