A Busy week

Well I have been so busy I can’t really remember when or what I last blogged about. However I thought I’d make a littel summary of the work I have done so far in my 12 day stint of work.

First up was a lead climb coaching course for two climbers from London. A great course, where we managed a day out at Tremadog including them leading Boo Boo and Rio. I also started them off by leading Obleron and finished the day by a rapid ascent of One Step…

The rain came down hard the next day so we concerntrated on skills in the beacon like further work on gear placement and belay methods, tying off the stitch plate and some movement coaching. The wall was as busy as I have ever seen it.

The final day of this course we managed to head out to the moelwyns where my team climbed the first two pitches of Bent, followed by the whole of Slick. After that we made an attempt of Kirkus direct, but midges and a slow team made us retreat hastily. A great course with two really interesting people. Miriam was on teh Cauldwell Extreme Everest Expedition which I quote bits of in a chapter of my new book called ‘Bad Altitide’. I have put the pictures in an album on my facebook page, I am starting to post more pictures on there to try and develop an audience, it is also easier to upload all photos, whereas here I try to make a edited highlight. So if you like the photos, me or Snowdonia Mountain Guides please like the FB page.

The follwoign day I had a one day sports climbing skills course for a friends husband, we hended up in the beacon again. Where I covered clipping quickdraws, thread lower off and other key sports climbing skills. Rich did really well, and is off to France as I type!

The next three days were an ML assessment expedition for Peak Mountain Training. Where due to teh weather I had to hastily rearrange the route to find shelter. Essentially we headed up the Cryn Las Ridge before traverse Crib Y Drysgl. It rain just before we topped out, and continued to do so till just before we reach camp by Llyn Glas. Luckily the weather held off during the night nav, and with a poor forecast for thursday night/friday morning. I made the plan to keep them out as long as possible that night to try and avoid a second night nav.

Fortunately they were all really good, and I managed to tick all the boxes I needed in the three and a half hours we were out for. We awoke to heavy rain, and packed up and headed over the summit and down into Cwm Clogwyn before traversing round to below Cloggy. The weather only let up whilst we had a quick coffee and lunch in the summit cafe. As soon as we were outside the rain came down again.

It continued throughout the rest of the walk into cloggy, and with teh final leg to the cwm. I was deciding whether or not it was a good idea to camp out for the second night. As having seen the forecast 70mph winds and heavy rain, it seemed foolish. I had also seen all that I needed to see from the team, who were amongst the strongest asessment group I have worked with. In the end I made the call to walk out that evening.

Typically it stopped raining as soon as we reach the village and I started to second guess my decision. Given the weather later that evening and today though, I think it was a good decision.

I am busy resting up for the rest of today having met the group and given them the good news with course director Phil Dothwaite. Tomorrow another five days coaching climbing and stuff.

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