The ‘Cream’ of Tremadog

Me questing round to the headwall on the third pitch of Cream, Tremadog.

I have in my time climbed cream on a couple of occassions, although never believe it or not as a whole climb. I have cherry picked either the amazing 2nd pitch in the rain. As it remains dry. Similarly I have traversed in from Grim Wall to to the top. Today, I headed out with Si Lake who hadn’t climb the route before, so I offered him the harder better pitches, and I did the easy linking pitches.

What struck me today was how good the route is when you do it how the first ascentionist meant it to be climbed as a whole route. As unlike any other route I have climbed at Tremadog, it has a really big feel about it. Whilst at any point you could rap off it, the winding nature of the route, makes it feel like a journey rather than the usual roadside action.

Anyway Si did really well, and he only just failed on the crux headwall. Taking a lob in the ‘usual’ place! I knew his pain when he lobbed, as I faced exactly the same fate when I first tried it. After that we did Grim Wall Direct, as Si had to go back to being a dad.

Si psyching up for the Cream headwall!

On a bum not, after being warned about our behaviour at Tremdog. It seems that some climbers were not interested in being sensible. Deciding to have a fire and a few beers in the Vector Buttress Car Park. All well and good, but they could have tidied up after themselves!!! This mess was not there on thursday.

The Mess some climbers have left at the base of the Vector Buttress.

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