Possible few days for MIA Trainee

I have some work coming up, and have had a few requests for some experience/shadowing from various MIA trainees. I have emailled most of them, but none are available for the course. If you think you might want to come along and see how to manage a client on some multipitch venues then please get in contact.

The course is a 5 day climbing course 1:1, and the client would like to possibly get onto lead climbing by the end of the course. So essentially you would be belaying, however you would also get to see what routes I choose and how I go about breaking the skills and pitch down to teach leading. I would also be happy to chat to you at the end of each day to explain reasons behind route choice and other decision made during the day.

Sadly I can’t pay you for this, but might be a good few days in your logbook. Just thought I would ask and see if anyones interested.


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