North Wales Rock Climbing App and iPad brochure

Well it has been an interesting time in the last few days. First I returned from my mini break assessing on an ML to find a letter from the IRS who have allocated me a US tax code. What this means is that first of all my Snowdonia Mountain Guides Brochure will be available as an iPad book, and hopefully within the next month I’ll complete another project which is the ‘Coaching Processes for Climbing Instructors’. This will launch first onto the iPad before making it to amazon as an eBook. So potentially a very exciting time ahead as I enter into the world of publishing myself via the wonders of new media.

I have also received the latest news from Steve Golley at theSend about the North Wales Rock App. The next update for the iPhone version is imminent, so if you already have the app lookout for this update, as it adds an additional 60+ routes to the guidebook (The guide has somewhere in the region of 600 routes now!). That same data is also being used for the Andriod version of the app, and I know a lot of people have been eagerly awaiting the release on the Andriod smart phone platform. There are other developments in the pipeline all essentially tweaks to this great platform like some tide tables and intergrated weather reports.

This and my development of a training application that moves my initial performance profiling app on into something more useful is also underway. If anyone has experience of  JQuery/Javascript, JSON and potentially the facebook authentication API in the North Wales areas or beyond and would be keen to help me out with a few things do get in touch as I am keen to make the icoachclimbing site much better than the one that already exists on my Snowdonia Mountain Guides website.

Other than that I am looking forward to the week ahead as the sun is finally out and the temperatures are now in double figures!

Also we are looking for any Andriod phone users who are active bloggers/twitterers to potentially get a free andriod version or iphone version for reviewing purposes.

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