North Stack Wall

Another great day although there was some rain threatened in the mountains. So Si and I headed over to Gogarth as he had a couple of routes he wanted to do on North Stack Wall. There was a lovely breeze blowing into the zawn that kept the temperature bearable.

I started the day off with South Sea Bubble, been years since I did it. Rememberign the start to be rather tricky I was pleasantly surprised when I made my way through it with little difficult. I was then pretty much at ease, as I knew the route eased off and just stays sustained. I headed up to below the bulge and got some kit in. As I started up the crack I pause briefly to get another runner in. My ease almost undid me as I started to barndoor and quickly had to dash my hand back onto the sidepull I had nochantly let go of. I flew up the top crack, almost forgetting that I was leading the route, so stopped at a good foot hold only to fail to find a decent runner. After that it was plain sailing to the top.

Si then did Blue Peter, and flew up it with ease. Last time I climbed it I carried my SLR camera and it was quite trick with an extra few kilos. So I chose tie the camera to the ab rope this time. Although on saturday this resulted in my smashing the lens filter again when Caff had to haul the camera out of the last pitch of his new route. When I told him how much the lens was worth he was quite shocked. Although at least this time it wasn’t in Patagonia where there are no camera shops!

I have put some pictures on my facebook page, feel free to like the page if you do!

Tomorrow I have an early start, hope get some nice pictures if it doesn’t rain.

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