The Calm before the Storm

Yesterday evening, I headed over to Castell Helen with Llion and Katie. It was a fantastic session. The rock was warm and the setting as spectacular as ever. We climbign literally until the sun set. As such some of the photos of us on the Gridle Ledge I think really capture the magic light of those precious few minutes as the sun disapears for the day.

Sunset from Castell Helen, South Stack Lighthouse
Sunset Across the Irish Sea with South Stack Lighthouse siloetted against the approaching storm
Katie about to lead us out from the Girdle Ledge Castell Helen
Rap Pel Castell Helen Gogarth
Llion on Rap/Pel combo from the niche on Castell Helen
Mark Reeves North West Passage Castell Helen Gogarth
Mark Reeves on North West Passage
Mark Reeves castell helen gogarth north west passage
Mark Reeves climbing the amazing top pitch of North West Passage Castell Helen, Gogarth
The amazing light and setting of Castell Helen. Llion belays as the sunsets
The dramatic Seascape brought to life with teh setting sun.

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