Rope Rescue Course for Climber

Rope Rescue for Climbers

I was out yesterday at Holyhead mountain working on a rope rescue course for climber for Skylark Mountain Adventures. The weather was fairly awful, but we managed to find shelter in teh Alcove, and I got my vlients John and Andy to go through the skills they had learnt indoor the previous day, but in more contextual and realistic setting.

We started with a simple hoist each, John went for and assited hoist and andy for the unassisted hoist. After that we looked at the escaping the system, and adding a abseil down to retrieve the injured climber. We did a dry run on the ground before we headed to the top of teh cliff and went through the whole process once each.

It sounds incredible,  but that was when we ran out of time, so we head to South Stack Cafe for a debrief. Great day out, and the guys seemed to have got a lot out of their couple of days.

If you are keen for a Rope rescue course then I am sure Skylark are running another. Or of course you can go through Snowdonia Moutnain Guides, we have some dates in our diary or download our catalogue (Large PDF file). Alternatively if there are two or more of you, then we can run courses to order.

12th – 13th May 2012 Rope Rescue

21st – 22nd July 2012 Rope Rescue

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