Inspired by a bit of Coding

Well, after sorting out the iCoach problem, I was inspired to try another bit of coding, so decided to try and code up a small page for another domain I have. The domain. I took down all the topos after releasing the iPhone guidebook app. So yesterday I tried to rapidally develop another site.

As you can see if looks nice, however I also wanted to code up an ethical RSS scrapper. So I used simplepie to process the feed, take out the information from the XML file I wanted, add a bit of code to limit the data to just the first 100 words of text, and allow people to travel across to the original blog post/news item.

As a blog writer I appreciate that many people ‘re-use’ feed to create/rip off content. Which is why I wanted the news section to only take a ‘excerpt’ and require anyone wanting to read the news to visit the site where the news item came from. Hopefully it will help bring a few random north wales climbing news sources together in one place, and allow the reader to easily choose what to read. If you’d like your feed featured, and it fits in with North Wales new. Please fire me an email or comment.

Boring I know for no techies, but the rain is just too aweful for climbing at the moment.

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