BMC Warning Notice at Tremadog

The BMC has issued a warning to climbers at Craig Blwch Y Moch for Sunday, after the farmer who owns the land above the crag revealed that his planned diversification into new animal stocks has gone horribly wrong, and as of Saturday there is a unknown number of lemmings occupying the top of the crag, some of the early jumpers have already cause several near misses for climbers.

Helmets are recommended, for the next day or so, as the jumping season comes over them. Countryside Council for Wales Officer Aled Jones, has warned that due to the waning moon the lemmings who have evolved to purge there population on a regular basis, will be prone to throwing themselves off the cliff, and adding that although small they can pack quite a punch at the end of their 150ft plummet.

The BMC Access and Conservation Officer for Wales, was unavailable for direct comment on this issue. However his office gave us the following response “Nid wyf yn y swyddfa ar hyn o bryd”.

BMC Lemming Warning at Craig Blwch Y Moch - Tremadog

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