Postcard from Llandudno

Well, I was back down at LPT on Monday, again hard work, harder than friday, I felt so weak it was awful. However tonight I ehaded up the climbing wall, and all that trying on routes thatare way too hard for me is paying off, as I was getting back to climbing wall form.

Anyway enough of that shzazzle, I am really here to put up the images of the day at LPT, despite how it looks it was freezing down there!

Emma Twyford, warming up on the classic Under the Boardwalk. I have to admit, now I am getting to know this route better I am starting to like it more and more.
Keith trying some link up Over the Moon direct and out left across all sorts of tough terrain!
After Monday and Friday's belaying super steep terrain, I no longer think Jim looks like a tit with his funky climbing glasses. At £90 a pair, I think I will have a sore neck though!
Jim wasn't the only one whose fashion statements were laughable.
Emma making good work on Over the Moon Direct, she was looking very steady on most of it.
Emma at her redpoint high point, she narrowly fail to finish the route after hanging this move, which is quite a throw for her. Amazing effort.
Llandudno Pier, thank good it wasn't playing that damn sea side record!

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