More Pass Action Shots

Murdoch on SS Special.

Well another day and another few routes done. Si and I started off on Scimitar Ridge, climbing the E1 Troy, and totally amaxing route that feels way bigger than it actually is. The photo I took of simon is only just off the ground! We then met up with Llion and Katie and climb Hangover which I was pleasantly surprised that it has been upgraded to E2 along with Slape Direct that Si climbed yesterday. I then finished on SS Special, and it felt reasonable which was a nice surprise as well.

After such a long lay off it has been good to get the gear eye in, and start to read real rock rather than a selection of bolt on holds. Anyway I have put some images that I also took today along with this posts.

Llion battling with teh amazing crux sequence on Karwendel Wall. Clogwyn Y Crouchan.
Llion on Karwendel Wall, again facing the crux, sorry for the repeat!
Rocio on Leftover, Clogwyn Y Crouchan.
The awesome Troy on Scimitar Ridge, Llanberis Pass.
Rocio again on Leftover.
Llion on Karwendel Wall, with Rocio seconding up Quasar in the background.

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