Blasting out the Tremadog Classic’s

Well, continuing on with the early season smash fest of classic routes. I headed to Tremadog today with Llion. He is a few days behind me on the early season climbing but we still managed to knock out 4 classic routes.

Starting off on Grim Wall direct, a route that is never grim, and always a pleasure. We then abbed back down and went up One Step… which as anyone who has done will testify, is probably one of the nicest routes in the country at the grade, and would certainly make my desert island climbs.

Finally on this area of we climbed Shadrach with teh brothers start as other people were festooned across the crag. Llion lead this in a pitch. At which point we headed to the cafe, and had a great coffee and cake.

Our final route was a hard one to choose, as we had limited time, as Llion had to be back for 4pm. So we decided to do Merlin Direct, another fine route, and I got the top pitch. Which I have to say is another crack climb that is just pure pleasure to romp up.

All that cragging and we still got back in time to have a BBQ by the lagoons in Llanberis. Sweet day, nice evening.

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