Logbook Function added to iCoach

I have finally added the log book function to the iCoach facility over on my instruction website. What this should do is help you keep track of your training so you can start to add overload in the form of more routes, or increasing the grade of the routes you climb. More than this though it records your performance in not only grade but encourages you to rate each climb through you Percieved Rate of Exertion or PRE.

What PRE does is allow you to monitor your performance in a new way, as whilst in the short term your grade might not increase, the chances are that your PRE for a grade will descrease before your grade goes up. As such having finer performance measure, might help you stay motivated.

It also is a good way to make sure your warm up is a warm up, as if you PRE goes above 2 for warm up routes, then you are probably having to try too hard for the route to actually be easy enough for you to warm up. Anyway I hope you like the new feature, in a months time I will put together a page that allows you to explore your results in a variety of ways.

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