Beaconeering – Boulder Problem Setting

Well I remembered that today I had to get up early and go to the Beacon to do some boulder problem setting for them. I have to say this morning I felt worked after yesterdays Indy Session. My abs were so sore I had to roll onto my front and push myself up, rather than just sit up in bed!

I set down in the School room, and managed to get 11 problems done. A few might seem a little tough for the grade, but a quick session with a few climbers after I set them and they seemed to think they were good value for the money. I did manged to flash all the problems, when I tried them, which made me take a hold or two off and spin some around. I was a little disapointed that I did the routes so quickly, but in order to set the harder problems I do find myself trying a sequence after I have set it, and think where might the next hold go, and how small it should be and what direction it should face. So they were more like redpoints for me.

I hope they are enjoyed by a few climbers.

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