PHP and Climbing Coaching

Most people who drop into this blog will be aware that I have been rather quiet on the work front. People that know me well, and you might be able to gauge this from my online witterings, that I find it hard to sit down and do nothing. Whilst I will say to people that I haven’t been up to much the truth is something very much different in that I have spent the last few months trying to learn to programme a computer.

The reason why I have wanted to do this is that I have wanted to make a more interactive website that combines my love of web2.0 and coaching climbing. My first project is to make a site where you can register and login in, before going onto add you current performance, and complete and online performance profile. I have succeeded in many of these aspects, and only have a few more bits and pieces to develop.

Performance profiling is a process that many sports scientist use when they are coaching an athlete or team to look at the aspects of performance and rate those aspects and attributes against where you ideally want them to be compared to where you actually see them at the present time.

The descrepancy between the ideal and the actual scores, lead to highlighting the most important things to train over the coming training period, usually a month.

I have been trying to automate this process, and over the last months and weeks have been getting closer and closer to finishing a mini site, that does this. The idea of the site is to help people focus their training and practice, and potentially make a few more training protocols, features and functions.

The reason I want to have people register is to allow me to gather information on training behaviours and what climbers precieve as there training needs. If I start putting on training protocols then there is also the potential to see what effect these have on climbers performance, given the dearth of research into training protocols and climbing it might prove very enlightening.

I would be keen to hear what you guys think about a coaching website? Hopefully I’ll get it online for all your new years resolutions.

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