What do you say?

I headed up the wall tonight and had a great session, but was introduced to someone as I was getting changed, and was well quite stunned to be honest. I felt like I had seen a ghost, as a friend introduce me to this person with “this is <insert a name here>, from the <Insert a crag name here>”. At first it didn’t twig, but then it hit me like a freight train, as the images of that day came back.

The last time I saw this person they were having the worse day of there life, they had just fallen the length of the <insert crag name here>, stripped all the gear and had pretty much severed their foot clean off the bottom of their leg. On top of that her level of consciousness was rapidly going downhill, my money was on her not making it.

I was first on scene with another rock climber from the Llanberis Team and basically had a first aid kit and some oxygen. Whilst one major thing had gone wrong for them on that fateful day, I can only say that ever since she has been extremely lucky.

Then out of the blue here they was looking back at me, talking, walking and at the wall for a climb. I didn’t think that ‘Wow that’s a ffffing miracle your<insert inappropriate word – alive, talking, walking, climbing>’, was all that appropriate a thing to say. So was rather stunned into silence. I am shocked that after the extensive injuries they sustained that they are walking let alone climbing.

Anyway nice to see them on there way to a full recovery, and my god the human body is an amazing thing, and as for the NHS they can do some good work!


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