Slate and Roadbiking

I had a quiet weekend, I went out on the Slate on Saturday, a lovely day, but the climbs we wanted to do were seeping. We did managed to do another good route neither Llion or I had done before. It was a E2 5c, although you’ll struggle to find a 5c move on it, to the right of The Dark Half. There was also a great looking E2 to the right of that, a Joe Brown route from the late 1980’s, sadly it was sopping wet, but looks incredible, a great hand jamming section through a roof.

Had a house warming party, which I totally crumbled at, was so knackered I put myself to bed early.

The next day I went on a 24 mile road bike circuit with some friends, had my first road bike experience, and my first SPD experience, after hearing of lots of friends falling off left, right and centre I was a bit worried, as it happened it was all fine. Glad to have given the bike back though, at £1000 a pop for a bike, I won’t be buying one anytime soon.

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