Quiet Few Weeks

Well I have had a very quiet few weeks, work has dried up for the winter, and I am praying and dancing for the Snow and Winter season to start in the hope that some work will crop up with some winter guiding and instructing.

Other than that I have been putting my time to as best use as possible. So that has revolved around working on the Gogarth section for Rockfax. Which I have finished provisionally, although still waiting to get out on a speed boat to take some pictures of the sea cliffs. After that it hopefully shouldn’t take too long to bring everything together.

I have also been immersed in code of the HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL and JAVASCRIPT variety. Its making my head hurt, I have no idea how people do it. I guess by total lack of ability in languages that trying to learn more than one language at a time is just asking for trouble. I have resorted to trying to find a tutor as I think I have reach a plateau! So if you want to earn a few quid a week and understand that collection of abbrevations above then please get in contact.

Other than that I have been taking it easy up at the climbing wall, and its only been easy routes for me. Trying to keep below F6a, due to my elbow, which seems to be getting better. I am almost scare to try hard at the moment, as I don’t want to make another step backwards. Thats why I haven’t been posting very much.

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