Last Work of the Year!

Well, I have done two days teaching some guys from a centre in Kent how to rock climb. It was interesting in that we had to survive some foul weather. So foul that the Beacon had to tape up some of the cracks in the brick work as the rain was literally spraying over the bouldering mats. (Can’t wait for them to move into there new building)

I have to say I have never seen the weather like that up there, and I spent a few years of my life working and playing up there. Watching the rain bounce off the outside of the building meant we felt somewhat justify from avoid climbing on real rock.

I spent the day coaching them in movement techniques and some basic ropework, and prayed for better weather today. Although the weather was better, in that we got passing showers rather than a constant hosing, it wasn’t pretty out there. We did manage to get a few leads in on Tryfan Bach in between the rain, before bugging out early an having a brew and doing some ropework upstairs in Petes Eats.

Sadly its the last days work I have, and have to say that I am starting to feel the pinch in terms of work. In the last two months I have only had three days work each month, and sadly its just not enough to pay my bills. So weather or not I’ll be staying in Wales really does depend on work. I think I have enough money in the bank to see me through Christmas, but after that it really is a total unknown.

I have been applying for some office based jobs in the outdoors and other fields but not heard back from any of them. So I’ll be down the Job Centre soon, seeing if there is any work about. Its a shame as I love my job and like to think that I am reasonably proficient at it, but if no one has the money to go on climbing and mountaineering courses then it becomes an issue of survival. You’ll have to excuse me if I don’t update this blog for a while, but I am really not in the mood for it at the moment.

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