Beaconeering Session

After a day of sport climbing on the Slate, I had to head into Bangor for some mind bending lesson on Database’s. I want to add some small app to my ‘How to Climb Harder’ site, and I think I know what I need to know, so I am having some lessons. I have to say that it is quite conceptually challenging, but I learnt alot in two hours, and as the guy teaching me is a Computor Sciences student it even had some structure, which helps, as my research has been quiet chaotic.

Anyway, after that I had a roast dinner and a freinds, then went bouldering up the Beacon. I felt quite tired after my efforts on Cig-Arete, but still managed a couple of problems I hadn’t done before, including a White, although its fairly soft for the grade. My Elbow seems OK, just need to warm up very well, be

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