Training and Marketeering

Well, went to the wall again tonight, in the regular Thursday night pull fest. After a rapid return to near where I have been previous, I felt like I was potentially plateaux. As there were problems I could climb and ones I simply couldn’t. However after three weeks, there has been a slow attrition of the harder problems, with one falling this evening, and others feeling closer and probable, rather than impossible.

Other than that, I have mainly been spending my time tapping away at the computer. I have been working on some marketing for next year. The first time I have been organised enough to put a programme together rather than look for private guiding work. I have decided to try and put together a calender, featuring all my course dates as well as a stunning image for each month.

The idea is to put up a free PDF climbing calender for people to print out for themselves, be good to here if you’d download it?

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