Beaconeering and Raft Building

Well, today Iwas at the Conway Centre, which if your not aware of the many LEA centres in north wales, it represents the county of Cheshire, although its users aren’t limited to that catchment area. The centre is a really nice place to work at, and the ethos is education through the medium of outdoor activities. Today I had to raft build with a group, at thier dock. I think it must have been over a year since I have done any water based work for them, and fortunately I had many other staff to lend a hand, as for the life of me I couldn’t remember how to tie two poles together!

The groups did really well, and in the afternoon I took another group to the indoor wall at the centre. We managed to get loads done, and the group did really well, climbing up to F5b.

In the evening I was friendless, as Llion had a staff meeting and Katie had no babysitter. So I headed up the wall anyway, and had a really good session. No new problems ticked, but I can now do the crux’s on two of the white problems that were impossible before. I was probably spurred on as Pete was there, and was going knock for knock with him, which believe me is quiet and achievement for anyone.

I have to say on the rock Pete would eat

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