Buttons Everywhere! Marketing through Social Networks

Marketing has never been my strong point, however as a independent climbing instructor and coach, I often have to spend some time researching the latest fads and trends in terms of marketing my business, as the qualifications I have are great for the coaching and teaching side, but simply don’t cover the how to go about marketing yourself as a small business.

One of the trends at the moment seems to be the advent of both facebook, but in particular twitter as a social network for marketing. I have tended to shy away from Facebook marketing, as it is more a place where I keep the people I know, as friends rather than adding people who I work with. Twitter on the other hand is a place where I have both friends, acquaintances who I follow, as well as a growing tribe of followers.

To try and help push myself as a brand and the websites I run for coaching and instruction. I have added a few button through the network of sites, on the Lifeinthevertical domain. In particular the Tweet this button, the Google + button and the facebook like button, are all way that you can say to others in you social network, actually I quite like this and recommend that you have a read or a look at this site, post, photo and video.

So I invite you to like, google + or tweet any of the posts, pages or wiki pages that you find helpful, insightful, interesting or otherwise enjoyable.

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