Admin Day: Reading, Writing and Data Entry

Well I have had another admin day brought about the torrential rain that has been pouring down, near constantly. At one point I was bailing out the kitchen and the river out of Llyn Peris has broken its banks rather convincingly. So I have been working on the computer doing a whole host of really interesting and exciting things.

First off the Phone App is entering a new phase as I enter data into the master database, this if you like is the core part of the how the app is going to work, it will probably take me a few weeks to enter all the data. As I am cutting and pasting from my various websites. Hopefully the finished product will great, and despite the mundane nature of adding to databases the fact that I can see how the data is going to be used make it an exciting development.

After that I got some draft syllabi’sĀ from the MLT on the new coaching awards. They look really great, and it seems they are making some real progress. I would like to be as involved as I was at the start, but I don’t think I can stretch myself that thin, as I have to try and earn money at some point, and more and more time seems to be trying to develop the marketing side of the business so people know who I am and where to come for some quality coaching.

This invariably involves writing for this blog, UKC or even magazines, and I got the PDF through of an article I have written for Climber Magazine. It is so exciting when you see all the words and photos combined to make a great piece. Which I not only enjoyed writing but will get paid for and hopefully even get some work out of. I will let you wait and see what I have written a ‘How to….’ on.

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