Evening in the Pass

It seems like it has been months since I was last climbing in the Pass, the weather has been that bad recently that you just don’t go there. I remember it being sunny a month or so ago but the wind was so strong it would have been howling down the pass. So this evening we headed up there as the sun was dropping out of the sky and head to the Crouchan.

This is one of the most popular crags with after school/work climbing, as it is only minutes from the road and most routes are equipped with abseil point, due in part to the cliff being rather poor quality at the top and the descent being particualrly gnarlly.

So I headed up SS Special, I have to admit to feeling a little rusty on it as it has been several years since I last climbed it, so a bit of an alzhiemers onsight! It went most OK, but I did get spooked out on the spooky wall section, as the holds turn to slopers and you have to run it out a little bit. Fortunately I eventually found a hidden hold and all was good and then I had the crux above, below which I pretty much placed half my rack.

The move round the roof was as good as I remember and then it was time to run it out to the belay, as I had placed my rack below the roof. Anyway good times on the rock, and I forget from time to time how amazing the Llanberis Pass is, and its just up the road!

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