A Hawaiian Pizza

I am usually a total pepperami fan when it comes to my pizza’s sadly Tesco’s only had two left and to make use of the 3 for 2 deal I had to go for either Margarita or a Hawaiian. So I went for the Hawaiian, and tonight I sat down to eat it and started to think, now its hasn’t been a too streeful day so I am in day dreaming mode.

Anyway, it has to be either the most ironically named pizza or a total oxymoron. For those who don’t know what an Hawaiian Pizza is, surely this must number only three people in the entire world, then it is a pizza with Ham and Pineapple.

Firstly theres the Ham, now I am not sure that it originated in Hawaii as the word is said to come from Germany, and of course there are many places more famous for Ham than Hawaii, Parma, serano and whiltshire being just three.

Now you would of course be forgiven for thinking that Pineapples came from Hawaii, but you’d be wrong. The originate out of South America. So what exactly made the Hawaiian, well Hawaiian?

The one last once of hope I had was that the first Hawaiian pizzas were made, in well, Hawaii, and again if you though that then you’d also be wrong. It was first made in the Satellite Restaurant in Chatham, Ontario in 1962 by┬áSam Panopoulos. After the success of the pizza the imaginative brothers from the restaurant went on to create a speciality burger, it came with pineapple and you guessed was called the Hawaiian Burger.

My last and only hope was that it was the most popular pizza in Hawaii, but no that particular claim goes to those crazy Australians, where it racks up a mind boggling 15% of all pizza sales.

So after my lengthy google investigation, I feel I can safely say that the Hawaiian Pizza is an out and out fraud; the topping comes from anywhere but Hawaii, it was made in Canada (get oot of here!) and its most liked by the Ozzy’s.

Anyway I hope that wasted as much as your time as

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