Upcoming Rock Climbing Courses

I have set some dates for some great rock climbing courses over the coming months. These course include all instruction and coaching but not accomodation or food.

How To Climb Harder Course

I am running two and three day courses that take an holistic look at improving your climbing. From coaching movement to tactical and psychological skills.

3 day HTCH course 1:2 ratio 4th to 6th July £300 per person

2 day HTCH course 1:4 ratio 16th to 17th July £150 per person

2 day HTCH course 1:4 ratio 30th to 31th July £150 per person

Rope Rescue for Climbers

In this course we will teach you the basic skills of improvised rescue and problem avoidance. Probably the most important course a climber can do after they have learnt to lead climb as it could save your or your partners life.

2 day Rope Rescue Skills for Climber 9th/10th July £150 pp

Sea Cliff Climbing Course

If you want to get into adventure climbing, but were too nervous to explore sea cliffs then this course will teach you all you need to know, whilst at the same time ticking of a few of the classic sea cliff routes in North Wales.

3 day Sea Cliff Climbing 11th/12th/13th July £300 pp

Guided Snowdonia Classics

If you ever wanted to be guided around some of the classic routes in Snowdonia then this is the course for you. We will explore as many routes on as many crags as possibly. You will ache by the end of the course but be amazed at the amount of classic rock we have covered.

4 day Guided Classic Rock Snowdonia 20th/23rd June $400 pp

4 day Guided Classic Rock Snowdonia 18th- 21st July £400 pp

How to Big Wall Climb Course

On this course we’ll teach you all the skills you need to climb a big wall.

2 day How to Big Wall Course Snowdonia 16th 17th July £150 pp


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