Quick Hit

Well the weather was sightly better today, although it never really got good. So I eventually got out this evening to Bus Stop Quarry, we tried Raisin Frumpsnot, a rather poor F7b. I remember working it when Adam did the first ascent, I would say that its losts some holds as it felt harder than it did before, and didn’t flow as well. Although this is probably my climbing. In the end Simon dogged up it after I basically failed miserably, that stick clip is dead handy!

I then went on to top rope Forsinain Motspur, a F7c that I have been on many times before. I know my sequence its just a question if getting my body to remember to do it! A rather powerful little route, but great. Really liked it, I might well try and get back on it in a while, might need to do some more sports climbing and come back on a warmer, but not too warm day.

After that it was night three in the Heights, was rammed in there again tomorrow, after all the fourth night is always the charm!

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