New UKC article

Well I got up this morning, well to be honest it was more like the afternoon, and had an email from Mark G at UKC. He had put up my Slate article on the website. Looks really good and reads quite well  as well. You can read it here.

As well as this article I have been working on an online guide. You can visit it here, at the moment it is approaching being a near comprehensive guide to the Slate Quarries, I have focus particularly on the lower graded routes, and will help you find and climb some of the new routes and old classics.

The guide started as a simple overview of north wales rock, and after I published it Ground Up decided to boot me off the Slate guidebook team. With no contract signed it would have been extremely hard for me to pursue compensation for of all the hard work I put into the GU Slate guide, however I can and have very easily put that hard work into a ‘FREE’ online guide.

The hope is to eventually move this information to become an smart phone application, and as the philosophers would say, as one door closes another one opens. So is true with the slate, and you’ll have to watch this space to see where and in what direction that move is going to be.

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