Morning LPT, Afternoon Slate

Matt Smith or Smythe? or Stu Plumb on Night Glu, a classic F7a+ on LPT

After spending the morning at LPT we returned for tea and medals before heading back up the quarries, where I sandbagged Simon into leading the Mau Mau. He did really well, and should have flashed it, however he managed to make his foot slip off a hold the size of a window ledge.

We then flail miserably on the neighbour Dark Destroyer, I would note that the last time I tried this I knock a crucial hold of the start, and thought it would still be climbable. Unfortunately the hold is crucial for the starting crux sequence, so it is either A) much harder than F7c now or B) still F7c if you start it up the Mau Mau and make a move left to gain the hold that was at the end of the dyno, or by the second new resin anchor.

Some piccies of some other chummers from the neighbouring routes. One abseilled in asking where Pull My Daisy is. “Not on this crag!”

Will facing the tricky top on the Mau Mau
Will on the Mau Mau classic E4 thuggery on Rainbow Walls
Steve Perry on German School Girl E2 rainbow walls
Steve Parry on The German School Girl

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