Spring Tides = Low Gravity = Hard Ascents

A team of Sport Scientist from the UK have been crunching number in the hope of unearthing strange patterns in first ascent records. Their thought was that the proximity and allignment of the moon has had a measurable effect on the gravitation force excerted on the climber.

By comparing the first ascent data of these ‘Low Gravity Days’ to those that are normal the scientist have shown that s statistically significant effect fot the mean grade climbed. This is backed up by some rther complex and confusing mathematical model that has shown that this difference is ¬†predicted 0.0001% reduction in the force need to complete any given move on those day.

Whlst the efect is more prevalent when the moon is orbiting closer to the earth like it did a few weeks ago, typically these low gravity days occur during spring tides.

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