Security on Steep Ground Day

I have spent the day working for Andy Newton, taking his group of ML trainees out on their security on steep ground day. One of the elements that is covered on the MLT Mountain Walking Leader Award Training course. These by their very nature are much more relaxed than the assessment course I was on for the last three days. Part of the day is to add some enviornmental knowledge as well as take the group through a variety of different terrain that represents what is acceptable for a Mountain Leader to reasonable take a group on.

I use Cwm Idwal a lot for this type of day, as very quickly you can access loose scree, some great environmental stuff and steep rock terrain. Whats more we can look at navigation and both ascent and descent. I really enjoy these days as it can really give the group an ideas of exactly what a ML holder needs to be able to do in terms of assessing risk and minimising it through route choice and feilding the clients up steps.

We got down off the hill and I did a wee lesson on leadership styles and how they fit into the different types of terrain thta we find ourselves on on the hills. Again its a real joy, and something that having used my Ml since 1997 I actually think I have some great experiences to bring to the learn arena and help these guys on their path to becoming the Mountain Leaders of tomorrow.

If you are intersted in becomeing a Mountain Leader for either personal or professional reasons, then I am more than happy to chat to people via email, about the path you need to take. If you are looking for a Mountain Leader, Singler Pitch Award or climbing wall award course  then you can find Andy Newtons contact details here.

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