Gwynedd Council: The Mind Boggles

I noticed a while back, that the roads around North Wales are essentially falling to pieces, mainly due to a savage winter last year, and the cold snap I missed in November/December. As such we have some pretty good potholes about at the moment, although they really aren’t on a par with some of the car eating ones in Scotland when I was up threre last month.

Now I can accept than in this time of austerity that there might not be any money to actually repair them, however for the last few weeks, if not months now, there has been work going on outside Pete’s Eats. Where the council has taken upon itself to narrow the road, and widen the pavement, reducing even more the number of parking palces in Llanberis. Which in my mind is bad enough, however, there have often been 5 people ‘working’ on this site, and I bet they are on at least £100 a day.

Rather than just tarmac the pavement, these guys are essentially laying ten paving tiles a day. No don’t get me wrong the tiling is perfect, infact I’d imagine even one of the big muslim mosques in say mecca, would be jealous of the painstaking accuracy that these workmen are getting. It seems they are laying these slabs to within microns of accuracy of each other. Whats more it loks like they are going to be here for a few more weeks.

My beef is, why on earth the Council saw fit to waste money making less parking, rather than do a much more need job of getting rid of the numerous and potentially dangerous potholes. My mind is just boggled at the thought process that must go on in the Gwynedd Council Offices. I can see teh discussion now, “right we have £30000 to spend on something, what shall we do?”, “Well we can fill in potholes and make teh roads safer, or we can piss off locals and tourists alike by spending a fortune on a reducing parking and then laying the most precise patio in the world ever”, “Patio did you say, that sounds nice, we’ll go with teh pissing people off, rather than serving our local tax payers!”

Excellent think, Gwynedd Council you’ve done it again. My bet is the paving is being laid by a cousin, brother or friend of someone in teh highways department! If only there was a journalist who could be bothered to research these things.

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