The Forcan Ridge

Heln follows me up The Forcan Ridge. Very atmosperic and totally amazing route

Well, Another day another mountain. Today I headed up teh Forcan Ridge on The Saddle in Glen Sheil. Again this is a route that I have been recommended by many people but just needed to get round to doing it. So today I got up early and headed out to Glensheil, saying goodbye to Torridon, I met a lass called Helen at the site of the Battle of Glen Shiel, Helen like myself is doing the time for her winter ML.

After a late start for me, it was 8.30 when we got on the hill, and we motored up to teh base of the ridge, which was shrouded in mist, so we didn’t actually see it, although it did clear from time to time to show us what we were climbing. I took the lead and short rope Helen up, although we were essentially moving together on easy stuff, with a few short pitches on the hard stuff. A really great day out, with and interesting descent. In fact I’ll go as far to say it is one of my favourite mountaineering days out in Scotland, and I think there is a blog post in creating my top days out from this winter at some point.

My plan was to stay in the Kintail Lodge bunkhouse, unfortunately it is close monday and tuesday usually, although I hope they don’t paint there kitchen every week! So at 15.30 I was faced with a dileema, of where to go and what to do. I was kind of heading south so I opted for 5pm tea and cakes at PYB Allt Shellach. I managed to get there in time, and have booked in for a night here. So back into the lap of luxury.

A day round Glencoe tomorrow, and I’ll probably head back down to Wales, as my Winter ML fund is pretty much dry. Although I have the Plas Y Brenin Big Acoustic Weekend to work, so better brush up on my penny whistling.

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