Should have Gone to SpecSavers…. but i did!

Well I spent the day doing admin, including taking my producer to the Llanberis Police Station. Where I was informed I have to wait for the Cumbrian Police to get back to me. These things are never easy. After that it was off to Bangot wearing my glasses that have been gaffa taped together, to invest in a new pair.

So I was faced with both a receptionist and optician who looked in absolute disbelief when they saw the last time I had my eyes tested. Apparently it was 2003, however my eyesight had hardly changed since just a 1/4 of whatever unit they measure eyesight in. I will give an exclusive on my new look tomorrow. Although I have a few more chores to do, including popping into PYB to discuss some work at the end of the week.

I also spent some time adding more of my friends and aquaintances blog to my blogroll, that is somewhere down the left hand side tool bar. Of particular interest to anyone keen of adventurous winter routing in out there places are Nick Bullock’s and Andy Turners Blog. Both are currently in Norway in the Lofoten Islands on a totally elitist international meet, thats invitation reads something akin to Shackletons advert for recruiting a team for the south pole.

Which Iif you need reminding read:

“Men wanted for horendous journey. Small wages, bitter cold, long months of complete darkness, safe return doubtful, Honor and recognition in case of success.”

Both Andy and Nick were selected for an invite to the event due to there elite climbing ability and staunch approach to a ground up style without the use of bolts. Andy recently made the first ground up ascent of The Hurting in the Cairngorms whilst Nick recently climbed the Needle and Citadel over two days, not too mention an near constant stream of hard repeats and first ascents across Wales, Scottland and the Himalaya’s. Nick also has a new blog, so hopefully he won’t run out of bandwidth. Although I quite liked it because it made his blog like something out of a peepshow, as the “This blog has exceeded its bandwidth – try again next month!”

One of Andy’s latest blogs shows him wearing just lycra, a total power stretch crime of the highest order. Although sounds like he is at home in the stuff, even if we aren’t as comfortable watching him in it!

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