Final Prep for Winter ML

Brian striding out across the Mamores

Well, I headed back up to Scotland, and I have to say it wasn’t the most successful journey I have ever made. I ended up getting pull by the police, and a long story. Suffice to say I think I am going to get some points on my licence and a fine. Not a good way to go into my Assessment, as my mind really doesn’t seem to be focused at the moment, hopefully, when I am on the hill I can leave the uncertainty tucked away in my sock draw!

I came up with the minor celebrity, and the man responsible for training up HRH in Search and Rescue flying, and now retired Chopper Brian of Total Wipeout fame. Who is on the Llanberis MRT with me, although I am still on my 6 months out from the team, and need to reapply before I can become active again. Brian is also going for his winter ML later on in the season, so we did a walk on thursday, then some skills workshop between the two of us on the Friday.

In Between we have mostly been in the Clachaig Inn, on thursday night there was a free beer tasting session, but more of that another time.

We had a couple of great days out despite the aweful weather, and we also managed to sneak in between the high avalanche conditions, which have been cat 4 on some aspects, it has dumped it down with more snow last night, and on the strong SW winds, means there will be more Cat 4 terrain out there on my assessment. So at least there will be some real decisions having to be made up there!

Today I intend to spend some of teh day in the Allt Shellach Hot Tub!

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