USA: Selling there National Parks

I was watching the news and the whole USA esculating debt. In particular how in order to balance the federal budget and drawn in those purse string, and what large strings they must be, and just imagine the size of the excell spreadsheet they have to balance and validate.

Anyway, the long and short of it is that the USA owe China a cool one trillion dollars. Mwahahahahah!

According to the guys i taught in Chile, the chinese were not stupid. As they took the whole US National Park system as a collatoral on the loan. A loan that i’d imagine the US struggle to make the interest repayments.

So i don’t know whether i look forward to visit Yosemite NP, after its been rebranded by the chinese. Although if they keep borrowing money, china will literally own the US’s arse. So what will homeland security down wheb the homeland is repossessed?

Anyway just ponderings. What do you think will the US be out of debt to China in our lifetime?

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