Today on The Ben

Approaching No. 4 Gully

Well my final day on the hill with PYB, and I was heading up No. 4 Gully with a team of Mountaineers. The weather started off good and got better. Hopefully the photos will convey just how good it got. The wind which you can’t se was little to non exsistent.

So I saw loads of action as I wandered about, firstly I spent the day with the Dave Macleod, so I can now say along with 12 people from Cotswolds that I have soloed a route with Dave Mac on the Ben. Sadly, well thankfully it was only grade one. It was interesting to note that he took his mixed climbing axe with him. It has been noted that a growing number of grade 1 gully climbers are taking to using Nomics Axes, which has resulted in a national shortage, however I believe that they are living up to the name, as these highly technical axes are now in the hands of climbers who do No Mixed (No-mic) climbing.

We saw that youth greg boswell (sic?) tearing up Apache Wall, as well as Inis and her partner trying to repeat one of Greg new hard first ascents. Rumour has it that there was some air taken by the team. Although Inis was overheard saying that “Das conditions are Uber!”

Anyway here are some piccies f our awesome day, suffice to say that the clients were over the moon with the day that Plas Y Brenin provided.

Greg Boswell on Apache Wall
Exiting No. 4 Gully up the slot of thinness
The final head wall
Not your typical Punter running up a gully with a state of the art mix tool! Dave Macleod what a punter. Not!
Inis climbing partner goes for the top of Greg Boswell's recent new route, just as the whole world above him starts thawing.

Plodding to the summit
Snow Bunting on teh Summit Trig point
Summit and Glory
Not a day for Pink wellies! Nice to see they have total tools in Scotland as well!

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