Three days in the Gorms

Walking into the Hutchinson Memorial Hut

Well, I have been up in the cairngorm walking for three days. I headed in from Lin of Dee to the hutchinson hut, then walked over Ben Macdui, it was a pea souper until I was 100m from the summit. When I was glad to see my navigation was not as rusty as I thought. In was then going to climb up another munro, but the sun sets at 3pm, so I headed down to the corrour bothy where I met a few other walkers, the first people I had seen in two days!

They were a great bunch, and they thought I was mad when I proclaimed I was heading up Cairn Toul and then digging in and spending another night. As I left the bothy in the morning I didn’t make it that far, when I realised that the 60pmh wind and driving snow, were going to make it a very interesting day up there. I then headed back to the bothy and met up with the group who were going to walk out to Glenmore, They made it almost as far as I did before turning round and walking with the wind.

So I ended up drive Alex back to Glenmore, where he lives at the reindeer centre. So my little friends would love where I am now, with rudolf resting up after his christmas tour. I shall have to buy some soft cuddly toys! Anyway I have a few pictures, and plan on heading back out over the next few days on a smaller day walks. As winter is down to the car park, and it is set to thaw and rain by wednesday. So three days down only 17 more QMD’s to go before I have ticked the boxes for my Winter ML.

Weather Closing in as I reached the HMH
Looking out over Cairn Toul from Ben Macdui after the weather cleared
Me on Ben Macdui after the Clag lifted
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