The Hurt Locker – Part 2

Well spent another day out with Stu Mac from PYB, observing a Mountaineering Skills Course, we headed into the Corrie of Pain, Stob Corrie Nan Lochan, and made our way up the left ridge, via a small gully. The snow condition had improved from a climbing point of view, as it was now bullet hard. However it meant that Stu was right on top of the group when it came to footwork. It was good to see the change in leadership style as we entered into some exposed places, as well as how he managed the group over the few step little steps on the ridge.

After a pleasant sandwich on the top, it was so not very scottish winter up there, as although we had plenty of snow, we did have a view and virtually no wind. I did notice that the who team got out there synthetic down from Mountain Equipment, and all complained they were too hot!

When we reached the bowl again, we did some Snow belays. A buried axe and bollards. Again really good to revisit this stuff, and I got some ace top tips for teaching these skills of Stu. It been a great 5 days, and tomorrow is my last day of observation. The benefit of this week will hopefully show in my assessment next month, more importantly I feel it has helped me greatly, and in a way allows me to tick the box on teaching winter skills and the emergency use of a rope. although I feel I should take a rope out and put myself in a position of retreating down some Grade 1 gullies with the aid of a rope.

I can’t thank all the staff at PYB Scotland enough for there time, encouragement and advice, fingers crossed it and a bit more practice and it will hopefully all be reet! Here are some piccies from today.

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