Problem Setting at the Beacon

I spent a great day setting boulder problems at the beacon. It has been about a year since i last set any routes or problems on a wall. I hope they are OK. It was hard as due to my time walking my arms are as much use as a chocolate teapot. So where as usually I will know that I can climb different problems of different grades, at the moment I can barely climb black, so all I know about the few routes I set at that grade is that I can actually get up them, although I can do most of the moves.

Anyway, there are now 9 new problems from me and a few routes from Streaky.

Tomorrow I have an admin day, including sorting my kit out for scotland round two, picking up washing, trying to get to the conway centre to fill in a eRCB form (Enhance Police Disclosure for working with Young People), it seems that you have to fill these in about a thousand times, one for each centre at what seems like every year. After that I am not sure what I’ll do with my day, other than rest.

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