Keen for the Lleyn with Llion

Looking into Pen Y Cil,

On my way back down last night, I was asked wether I was keen for the Lleyn, Hell Yes! I have been walking around for too long, and I needed a climb like a junkie needs crack. Its just that the crack was looking for is more socially acceptable!

So we went for a VS and some V grades, in a king of V for Vendetta kind of a way, we worked out that Gullimots Groove on the VS stood for a very nice pitch follwoed by a very scarey one. I got the scarey one on a kind of medium that I can only best describe as a cross between playing giant jenga and rock climbing.

We then head to Porth Ysgo, were we reminded ourselves that we are as young as we once were. Although Llion and Katie have obviously been secret training as he flash popcorn party, and Katie did the Incredible Shacking Woman from a stand up. As for me after what seems like months without bouldering I manage to climb Jawbreaker V5. How do I feel now? sore!

LLion is up on the cliff somewhere, although a bit like stop the ball!
Llion on Gullimots Groove - Pen Y Cil
Katie powers up the Gullimots Groove
Topping out in the Sun - So unscottish it felt good!
Llion on the Porth Ysgo Classic - Closer V3?
Easy Slab at Porth Ysgo
Dirty Porth Ysgo crimpers
Classic Slopey Mantelshelf
Another Porth Ysgo Classic, I really need to dig out that old Guidebook sometime
Katie having it on The Incredible Shaking (Wo)Man
Llion on The Incredible Shaking Man
Jaw Breaker *** Classic
Funky Holds on Popcorn Party
A fine position

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