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I picked this up off a tweet from someone who was following the brenin's feed. Made me chuckle!

Well, whilst I was away I spent some time reading a bit about utilising social media for market a business. So in order to try and bring this site and Snowdonia Mountain Guides out of the Naughties and into the elevenses? (Anyone know the nickname for the next decade yet?)

So I have been moving a few things around and looking at new features for the website. I have decided to start a podcast, as I thought for some things have the possibility of a audio or video might enhance the experience. Inparticular I am keen to get a few rope rescue, coaching and instructing videos up on the site. The link to the podcast is in the right margin near the bottom. I have also been tweeting, and the feed for that is on the top right. My address is verticallife so please follow me.

I have also added the Like this button for facebook, if like myself you spend too much of your life on Facebook, then my hope is that if you like a post you can share it with your friends on there. Anyway, if you have any feedback on these new things or any ideas for podcasts (What would would you like to learn?), then you can click on the comment button below.

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