Off to Argentina!!!

Well, our time round Coyhaique is coming to an end, and we have to head North into Argentina, to a place called Frey. The area lies 4 hours up in the mountains, and consists of numerous small granite towers. If you looked at the link from the last post, you’ll see that the area looks stunning. I am really excitied, I have joked with the group that it is going to be a learning through watching. In that I want to lead climb everything!

Unfortunately I will no doubt be jumaring next to the group as they do some more trad leading. All teh same though it is very, very exciting. Although we first have to get into Argentina. My plan is not to mention the war. We can’t take any food, so have to spend a day shopping, not to mention the 15 hour drive North. Split between me and Thomas, so it will feel like a real busmans holiday.

During our time up there I suspect that we will be cut off from the ‘real world’, which incidentally I only found out that North and South Korea are squaring up to each other, with Obama muscling up behind the south, saying “we Got Your Back’. So god knows what will have happened by the time I return!

So unless I find an old school internet cafe with its own PC’s I will be off the net. I can feel my body starting to twitch already as I go cold turkey from the world wide web! Asta Manyana……see you on the otherside!

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