When the Wind Blows….. it blows the $*%!!!

Well, I have continued t look at teh crags around Ibanez and today got a few great routes done, up a pocketed tuff/congomerate. Most were 5.9/5.10. about French 6a in real money. Sorry no photos yet, as i am crrently in a library on one of their compútors, so can´t upload thwe images. Thecrag was great though. although throughout the morning the wind did pick up, making clipping th chains somethin of a battle.

I forgot about all the lecturers I have been to about Patagonia, probably because the th photos don’t cature the force and intensit of the wind down here. After we came down from te crag for lunch the wind jus got stronger and strong, to the point that we ca  arelysee down te road, as te duat storm its kicked up is very impressive. So we have opted fr an afternoon sheltering in the town, as own sheep shed just creates more dust.

Thecrag we went t yesterday was very impressive, i am looking forward to climbing there tomorrow, although if th wind is like it is here then we might have to bin it, as that venue is less sheltered than the one we are currently at. I am also looking forwad to a shower to get the dst that has been sand blasted into my skin out. Other than that it al good.

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