Off the Reservation

Well I am truly in the sticks, got to the end of the road and kept going. Been exploring Ibanez, about 2 hours south of Coyhaique. Its still sunny, and the wind has been switched on, its amazing as there is a constant roar due to the wind, sounds like a 747 if hovering above you. I now remember all those stories about the wind.

Anyway all the crags are on private land so I am spending much time with my guide Christian talking to the locals(well christian is, I stand there wondering WTF is going on). Anyway much drinking and trying to establish the rules of access.

Anyway I do have some pictures. I visited a crag today where there is so fine lines left. You’d just have to wait for a reduction in the wind speed. I decided not to look at the crag called the Tunnello Veinto (Wind Tunnel).

Anyway, the wifi runs of a mobile phone here, so very slow connection. Laters

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