All Work and some play!

Well, I have been having a ball in Chile, firstly the people are just so nice and welcoming. I have been invited inside many peoples houses and truly made welcome. In one house i was truly humbled by the generosity of the owner who made us drinks and fed us some donut type snacks, despite the house being virtually devoid of what we might consider western neccessities. Similarly I went to a birthday party last night of someone I didn’t know, and made to feel so welcome at there BBQ. I say BBQ, but it was more like a suckling pig roast, done traditional style, by tying the little fella to a iron cross. Just like the hog roast back home.

I also managed to get out to a crag, and check out some more routes. A great venue that has a couple of bolted HS, with the opportunity for gear to be placed imaginative in cracks. I have also in teh past two week done a heap of paper work to help me deliver the course and the students carry out ongoing formative and summative assessment. More importantly though I have written a introductory guide book to northern patagonia. I will eventually put it on line for free, but I think only after I have been out in the field and checked it.

Similarly I have also been developing more lecture based lessons on the Legal and Moral aspects of coaching climbing, the coaching process, Adventure sports and the coaching process, Climbing physiology, climbing psychology, and climbing accidents 101. The general planning for the course should take place later today when I meet with the bosses to discuss my plans and theirs. Interestingly Ben has been ask to sit on a expeditionary panel of experts at the Royal Geographical Society next month. His years of experience in both Alaska and Patagonia make him a veritable expert on surviving Patagonian Ice Cap Travel.

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