Admin Days

Well, I have started to sit down and look at programming the course. I have a very good idea of the resources availably to me, the content that the course needs to cover and now I have to put them together and come up with a programme that allows for the teaching elements and of course the weather. The major plan at the moment is to make hay whilst the sun shines, and preferably the wind does not bloweth, and on the days we can’t actually get climbing concentrate on the ropework, problem solving, rescues and technical coaching sides of the course.

Based on the 6 weeks we have to deliver the course, and the crags we can visit the course looks like being awesome. I can’t wait to start delivering the goods, although we have a bit of recceing, and possibly route developing to do in the week or two before the course starts on the 3rd November.

It should be a really interesting course, as it covers much of the SPA and MIA syllabus, along with all the content I can add on the coaching of climbing (Physiology, Psychology, Skill Acquisition and so on). My rock climbing element is just one 6 week module in a much longer course.

I have been in town today googling more info on Frey in Argentina and Cochamo. As well as some stuff on learning, leadership and other educational elements. I forgot how dependent I am on google for finding these things, when it necessitates a 20 mile round trip I need to start making list of things to do before I leave the base, as well as remembering to take them with me.

Oh, and good luck Llion, only one day left to go mate. I will try and contact you as soon as possible. Heard you were doing well though. News travels far and fast mate!

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